Heanor Memorial Park a green flag award winning park, created to remember the brave soldiers who fought so gallantly in the Second World War. The park has been providing the public with recreational space for over 63 years.

The park hosts an avenue of lime trees opening to a vast expanse of grass with a memorial in the centre. A pathed circular route provides a perfect place to go for a walk with the family or to take the dog a walk.

A new and improved children’s play area sits behind a pathway of trees to the left of the park. In the summer months a water play facility is open between 10am – 7pm.

Additional facilities

  • Well-equipped play area suitable for all ages
  • Water play facility open during the summer months
  • Bandstand equipped with electricity to enable of variety of events to be held in the park
  • Toilets which are available March through to the end of October (for the remainder of the year the toilets will be open when the park keeper is in attendance)
  • Pond at the bottom end of the park is an ornamental pond which provides a natural habitat for wildlife.
  • The war memorial in the park was originally to remember the fallen in the Second World War, an additional memorial was built to remember the fallen in the Falklands conflict, both have been refurbished and were rededicated in 2011.
  • Entrance gates which are a major feature of the park is the gates at the main entrance to the park, they came from the entranceway of the derelict Shipley Hall and make a handsome feature of the park entrance. These gates were refurbished in 2010 as part of the major refurbishments
  • CCTV has been installed and covers the main area of the park
  • Awarded Green Flag 2012 - 2023
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